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Convert existing audiences over to a platform with superior engagement, while also connecting with a whole new source of fans and followers.
Liam Payne
Doubled his CRM database in one week
...that wants to hear from you.
90% open rates and 70% of messages read within one hour. The messenger platform allows you to reap the benefits of 1:1 conversation with fans.
Fans unearth album art through puzzle content.
Sell entire ticket allocations in under four hours.
Fans can set location, get updates about live events, receive presale codes and purchase tickets, all without leaving Messenger.
Sold out their entire festival in 4 hours.
Drive store traffic that converts 2.2x higher.
Use metadata to identify user preferences and target your offerings accordingly, so you can pass informed and engaged customers over to your ecommerce platforms.
The Sound Of Vinyl
Fans spend thousands in early access Black Friday store.

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”With talkbe we’ve been able to find and engage an audience that weren’t in our existing CRM database. We are able to broadcast messages with impact as well as identify super-fans and personalise content for them; this means better engagement and good return whether in streams or D2C revenue. We have all of our 30+ bots on talkbe and they provide all the tools necessary to grow, engage and monetise our fanbases.”

Head of CRM, UK Music Label Group

“We worked closely with Talkbe to develop a micro-influencer network across 20 markets for adidas tango squads. We were able to identify influencers that our fans would respond well to, invite them to our network and share exclusive content to them. This network generated adidas over 200M earned impressions.”

Kenneth Moore - We Are Social

“Before Talkbe we were sending out mailers. The open rates and signups were falling year after year, we weren’t getting the impact we needed. We used Talkbe for the last 2 UK tours, to sell merchandise, to send new releases and loads more. This enabled Goof to communicate directly with his fans 1 to 1 on a mass scale. Fans were able to directly reserve tickets for shows, buy merchandise, enter competitions and get content they wanted delivered directly to them from Holy Goof. This makes them feel much more apart of what we are doing, enhancing the whole fan experience. We sold out 2 UK Tours and went from booking 400 capacity venues to 1800 in one year.”

Sam Dixon - Holy Goof Management