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Aurora Chatbot

Why did Aurora choose TalkBe to promote her album?

Aurora wanted to reveal her new album artwork in an original way. She energised fan communities to pull together and solve a puzzle to reveal her latest content.

Our bot offers creative social media marketing for musicians

Our extensive library of easy-to-use templates allowed Aurora to create engaging content for her fans – by using dynamic, real-time interactions and imagery in Messenger.

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How did a TalkBe chatbot help?

“Would you like a piece from my left hand, or my right?”

The artwork was split into 11 pieces and fans were sent a random part of the puzzle when interacting with the bot. Our bots send messages in real-time, and encourage fans to type answers back, bringing fans closer to the artists and musicians they follow.

Fans who interacted with the puzzle were then invited to share it with friends. Only through sharing in the fan community would Aurora’s full album artwork be revealed.

A creative way to use social media to promote Aurora’s new music online.

Is this all GDPR compliant?

TalkBe ensure their marketing and social media campaigns are GDPR compliant – which means the use of customer data is protected and regulated properly. Fans were given the choice whether or not to interact with the bot, or whether to share with friends.

What were the campaign results?

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