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Artist Promotion Case Study: Liam Payne Chatbot

Artist promotion chatbot engages millennials through Messenger

The aim was to build a large database ahead of Liam’s album release and tour announcement, to enable Capitol to quickly activate any artist promotion campaign.

Why did Capitol choose TalkBe to promote Liam Payne’s music?

Capitol Records wanted a more dynamic and socially aware method of communicating with fans, given Liam Payne’s fan demographics and presence on Facebook.

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How did a chatbot help with artist promotion?

“Win a Facetime call with Liam by playing the quiz”

Liam Payne’s chatbot engaged fans on Messenger by inviting them to play a game with him. Messages from the Liam Payne bot, combined with video footage of him speaking directly to the camera, feels like having a real-time conversation with him on Facebook.

Those who interacted with the quiz could scroll through simple, multi-choice answers to continue playing the game. They’d also be asked about their marketing preferences.

A chance for fans to meet Liam, and a way for Capitol to know exactly what they want.

Is this all GDPR compliant?

Since the intro of GDPR, marketers need to be extra careful with their customers’ details. We ensured that all the information we stored was GDPR compliant, while also giving fans a chance to subscribe and opt into further communications about Liam’s music and tours.

What were the marketing campaign results?

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