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Social Media Music Marketing: The Sound of Vinyl

How did The Sound of Vinyl use social media music marketing?

The Sound of Vinyl wanted to find a more effective way to communicate new music releases and great deals to their target audience of vinyl record enthusiasts.

Our chatbot uses music preferences to personalise and target campaigns

The aim was to build a social media follower base with a love for this medium, then start to use their genre and artist interests to inform broadcasts sent on Messenger.

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How can social media music marketing help businesses?

“Connect today and never miss out on new releases”

The Sound of Vinyl invited fans and followers to connect via social media. When a new vinyl release or deal was announced, they knew instantly on Facebook Messenger.

They could then choose to scroll through items and order online in just a few clicks.

With TalkBe, music tastes help personalise the marketing content fans receive. We offer bolt-on integration with Spotify, so they get relevant updates. A streamlined way to boost social media music marketing campaigns with customer data and e-commerce integration.

Is this all GDPR compliant?

GDPR regulates the usage of customer data, especially in the context of social media marketing. We ensure information about fans music tastes, and more importantly their personal details, is used in a GDPR compliant way – letting them opt into further communications.

What were the spcial media marketing campaign results?

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