Chatbot Marketing Features: Why Use TalkBe?

Chatbot marketing is ideal for the music industry. Why choose TalkBe for artist and festival promotion?

Empower your business with a suite of e-commerce integrations, a library of easy-to-use content templates, and years of experience with Facebook Messenger automation.

Build engaging chatbot marketing campaigns that bring music fans and artists closer than ever before. Here’s how…

Sell tickets and organise presales with chatbot marketing
Combine our easy-to-use templates with checkout integrations to allow fans to sign-up for presales, discover live music dates, and purchase gig and festival tickets – all without ever having to leave our Messenger chatbot. Then, watch your drop off rate tumble.
Let fans pre-save upcoming releases with one touch
Through Appreciation Engine integrations, fans and followers can pre-save upcoming singles and albums, finding them in their music library on the moment of release. In return, access richer data to further delight a captivated and engaged audience.
Foster engaged, self-perpetuating fan communities
TalkBe help you discover the best way to acquire and delight music fans and followers, then encourage them to evangelise for your brands and artists. From templated content to bespoke campaign crafting, you’ll find what you need to engage fans with chatbot marketing.
GDPR compliant social media chatbot marketing campaigns
Get a library of compliant templates, built-in safeguards in a user-friendly dashboard, and our years of experience running compliant chatbot marketing campaigns. Share engaging, personalised content in the knowledge that GDPR compliance is taken care of.
Easily attributable e-commerce revenue
Our chat bot platform includes link and affiliate wrapping, so you can trace the conversion on merchandised elements of your music marketing campaigns. Our carousel templates make casual browsing of merchandise selections a breeze for your fans.
No technical skills required, just ask our experts
Interactions are created using our extensive library of templates, or constructed through the simple flow-chart styled chatbot builder. Our team are always available to consult as you craft the perfect real-time conversational chatbot marketing campaign on Messenger.